Number of Members


On & Off-Reserve Members

Total Band Members ON-Reserve: 261

Total Band Members ON-Reserve: 626

Total Band Members: 887


Minors, Adults & Elders ON & Off Reserve

Minors Total: 171

Adults Total: 611

Elders Total: 105

Minors ON-Reserve: 70
Minors OFF-Reserve: 101


Elders On & Off Reserve

Elders ON-Reserve: 29

Elders OFF-Reserve: 76

Total Elders: 105

Membership Clerk

The Membership Department is staffed by our Membership Clerk, who is also referred to by the official title of Indian Registration Administrator (IRA) by the Government of Canada. The Membership Clerk / IRA maintains the list of Fort McMurray 468 First Nation (FM468FN) members.

The Membership Clerk is also able to help applicants:

  • Complete and remit Indian registration applications;
  • Complete and remit Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS) cards; and
  • Apply for life events changes, such as marriage, change of name, change of address, and death with Indigenous Services Canada (formerly Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada - INAC).

Band Membership

Fort McMurray 468 First Nation is a section 10 Band and controls its own membership list and sets its own eligibility requirements.

To be affiliated to a specific First Nation or Band means that person has family ancestry related to that First Nation or Band. It does not necessarily mean the person is a band member. As is the case for Section 10 First Nations or Bands, the individual could be affiliated to the nation but will not be considered a band member until they apply directly to the Section 10 nation for their membership.

Persons Entitled to be Registered
Section 6 of the Indian Act is comprised of 9 different entitlement categories under which an individual may be determined to be entitled or registered.

There are two key distinctions between entitlement categories, Subsections 6(1) and 6(2) which pertain to how status is passed to further generations.

  • 6(1) Entitlement: An individual registered or entitled to be registered under subsection 6(1) can pass status to their child(ren).
  • 6(2) Entitlement: An individual registered or entitled to be registered under subsection 6(2) must parent with another registered or entitled to be registered Indian in order to pass status to the child(ren).

Becoming a Band Member


To qualify for becoming a band member you must be a registered Indian with Indigenous Service Canada.

Once you have done so and received a government 468 treaty number, you can then apply for Band Membership within FMFN468.


Submit a membership application and a long form birth certificate to the Membership Clerk/IRA. A Marriage Certificate and/or Change of Name Certificate may be required to process the application.


The acceptance of the application is contingent on conditions and such as;

3.4 An Indian Person born of parents, both of whom are Members, is eligible to apply for membership. Upon submitting satisfactory proof to the First Nation that both parents are Members, this Person shall automatically have their name entered on the Membership List.

3.5 A Person is entitled to be registered and their name recorded on the Membership List if they are an Indian and one parent is a Member.


On the condition that an applicant has submitted an application pursuant to Section 7 of the Membership Code, Chief and Council shall hold a hearing and make a decision to approve or reject the application.

For Information or Assistance

Please contact Madyson Cheecham at:
Phone: 780-334-2293