Employment & Training

The employment department is committed to ensuring all Members are given the opportunities for growth through training and employment assistance. It operates under four dimensions – Career Research, Skills Enhancement, Job Search, and Employment Maintenance.

Career Research

Career Research dimension assesses a client's skills to help them make an informed career choice. This means they understand the physical and mental challenges associated with different occupations and are knowledgeable In areas such as labour market conditions and demand for the occupation, wage scale, competencies required by the occupation, etc. The education and training team also assesses if the client's goals are realistic goal and can research alternative occupational choices.

Skills Enhancement

Skills Enhancement dimension provides clients with the necessary skills and qualifications required to enter and perform in a chosen occupation by enrolling them in the appropriate training and educational program.

Job Search

Job Search dimension assists job seekers by providing them with the tools, skills, information, etc. they need to attain employment. This dimension seeks to facilitate the match between the client and the employer, and requires active engagement In a planned job search.

Employment Maintenance

Employment Maintenance dimension asks whether the client has difficulty keeping a job. It is relevant both to clients who are currently employed and who need assistance keeping their employment, and to clients who are currently unemployed and who have problems keeping a job for any reasonable length of time.

For Information or Assistance

Please contact the Employment and Training Coordinator at:
Phone: 780-334-2293
Email: employment.training@fmfn468.com