Youth (18 & Under) Sustainability Photo Submission

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In 2021, Fort McMurray #468 First Nation (FMFN468) released their Sustainability Report to Community, which was guided by the 8 Community Pillars of the Community Comprehensive Plan. For 2022, we are building on this to develop an IESG report. ESG, or Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), are common guiding principles for sustainability. However, current metrics and ESG standards lack inclusion and recognition of Indigenous rights, knowledge, priorities, and experiences. FMFN468 is striving to lead the way and develop the first IESG report, which will look at these same principles but through our community’s unique Indigenous lens. This allows us to tell ESG stories aligned with FMFN468’s culture, values, and priorities.

Having the voices of all generations is essential for the Nation to define sustainability. As part of this, we’re asking our youth (18 and under) to get out in your community (on and off reserve) and take pictures of what sustainability means TO YOU. Below are some ideas to consider, but you are not limited to this. When you share your picture(s) with us, you will also need to provide a short description/explanation of your photo – share your story about why it matters.

Ideas to think about:

  • What does being a steward of the land look like / mean to you?
  • What does living with the land mean to you?
  • What does a healthy and vibrant community look like?
  • What does it mean to be resilient?
  • What about your culture represents sustainability?
  • What does sustainability mean in terms of: Water systems? Food systems? Culture? Education? Language? Etc.
  • What does being a Member of FMFN468 mean to you – on and off-Reserve?

Every photo submitted will be entered into the weekly prize draw and the chance for your photo to be featured in the Nation’s 2022 IESG report! FMFN468 may also use your photo for social media and other purposes. You can submit as many photos with descriptions as you would like – the more you send in, the more chances to win a prize! For every submission, you can enter your name in the draw.

Please submit all photos and blurbs by July 17th, 2023. You must provide your full name and contact information for each entry. Only FMFN468 Members can submit pictures.

    Your Photos (2mb limit per photo)

    If you have any questions while completing this survey, please contact

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